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About me

Throughout my career in photography I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by some very talented and influential people.  Some 27 years ago my husband Chris said, “Nothing is as valuable as education. Learn to do what you love.” Following this path lead me to one of the most influential people in my career, Bob Vanderveer, a master photographer with over 40 years experience, specializing in commercial advertising and product photography, with emphasis in studio lighting. Working with Bob side by side every day and studying the techniques of lighting from room sets to table top products for five years set me up for my position of Director of Photography at Decorage Studio.

Located in central New Jersey, this 50,000 square foot warehouse was filled with designers, builders, fabricators and photographers. Every day brought a new set of challenges, including schedule planning, tight deadlines and producing high end photography for designers and ad agencies from New York City and around the country. Room sets were designed in house and built custom to the clients’ needs, for wall covering, flooring, furniture, bedding, etc. As a photographer, each day was started in complete darkness, adding lights like a paint brush to a canvas. The studio was buzzing with clients watching at your side while their projects came to life. This experience prepared me for my move from the east coast to San Diego.

In 1999, Gail Owens Photography was established, and I soon met the second most important person in my career, Phyllis Van Doren. Without her taking a chance on the new kid, I would not be where I am today. Given assignments by San Diego Home/Garden enabled me to meet some of the most talented designers, architects, builders, artisans and shop owners, many of whom I still work with today, including The McNally Company Antiques, Fairbanks Interior, Kropat Design, Marrokal Construction, Island Architects, Wilson Architecture, Sharratt Construction, Silver Magazine, and South Coast Style.

I am continually striving to provide my clients with the highest level of composition, lighting and quality. This web site was created to share my images with you, with the goal of capturing each project the way it was envisioned to be.

I look forward to hearing from you.



I have a wholesale bed linen business and have done a couple of photo shoots with gail and she made them both successful and easy. Shooting beds and cribs is quite tedious and lighting fabrics can be tricky but gail is always patient, pleasant and extremely hard working. I will definitely hire her for future shoots.

Elizabeth Allen Atelier
La Jolla, CA 92037

Gail has consistently provided excellent photography for my clients for years and I use her extensively. She’s flexible, easy going and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her work!

Dave Long
Former Director of Advertising
San Diego Home and Garden

Gail has photographed my design projects for publication and every time she is the photographer chosen by the magazine to work with me, I am delighted. Her calm, professional approach to every aspect of “getting the shot” result in beautiful, creative photos that capture the essence of what I do as a designer.

Candace King

Gail did a photo shoot for a high-end design client of mine in Rancho Santa Fe. She was exceptionally efficient, very talented and a pleasure to work with. The photos she produced were fabulous and will clearly be considered for publication in some of the finest design magazines. I have worked with many photographers over the 25 years of my business and Gail is absolutely one of the best.

Carolyn Anderson, ASID

Gail Owens, Photographer par excellence has been photographing for Silver Magazine and the The McNally Company Antiques since 2001. Her work is indicative of her meticulous attention to detail. Because of her beautiful photography we have been repeatedly complimented and awarded for our advertisements nationwide, having received kudos from Art & Antiques magazine, Silver Magazine, Ranch & Coast Magazine and all other publications we have advertised in over the years thanking us for our magnificent displays.

Connie McNally
The McNally Company Antiques, Inc.
Tel: 858.756.1922

Gail Owens is an amazing photographer always exceeding my expectations in her ability to capture the spirit and soul of my interior design projects. Her great attention to detail, professionalism and time efficiency compliment her photography skills perfectly.

Kristy Kropat
Kropat Interior Design
ASID Professional Liaison for DISD